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The Bumpycat sat on the mat

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I'm from South Africa - grew up in Durban, went to university in Cape Town, and lived in Cape Town for a few years.

I moved to the UK in December 2003. After a variety of interesting jobs, I returned to being a sysadmin. I'm now working at a University in London.

I'm in the Territorial Army. I've commissioned as an officer at RMA Sandhurst, and am currently a lieutenant and a troop commander in 151 Regiment RLC (V).

I'm married and have a baby daughter.

My spare time (which is much diminished thanks to Army commitments) I devote to role-playing, computer games, anime, Asian action movies and learning languages. I have a reasonable grasp of Russian and I know enough Japanese and Korean to get me into trouble. I love linguistics and history.

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