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A mixed bag

On getting home last night, my bag contained the following:

- Medals: One Queens Diamond Jubilee, one NATO ISAF*
- Computer hardware: 2 x 1T hard drive, 1 x 160G hard drive, one Intel network card, micro USB cable
- Tools etc: Leatherman Wave and Gerber Artifact, Gerber torch, mini-LED torch
- Books etc: Collapse, my Kindle, a folder and notebook with various important bits of paper, including notes on a forthcoming parade
- Clothes etc: Fleece, buff, shemagh

It was an ... acquisitive day.

Last weekend was rather busy. On Saturday a good friend and colleague from the regiment was married. He had asked me to be in the guard of honour, which along with looking good would form a sword arch as they left the church. The six of us in the guard of honour would be in No 1 dress for the day, as well as wearing swords. I don't have a sword or a No 1 jacket, but the groom provided a spare sword and I hired the jacket. The rest of No 1 is a mix of No 2 and No 10 dress - George boots or Wellington boots**, cavalry trousers with braces, brown gloves, Sam Browne belt, blue No 1 hat (which is worn with No 2 dress on parades, so I have that). It's a little complicated.

So, I had a jacket fitted on Monday last week, and on the day I drove a long way round London to Kent to pick up the jacket, then a long way round London to Sandhurst, where the wedding was held in the memorial chapel. Thanks to three different stupid drivers, traffic was backed up at multiple accidents, and we arrived only forty minutes before the ceremony. I had to change into my No 1 in the car park, with the heat melting the tarmac under my feet. Let me tell you, putting on George boots and cavalry trousers is hard at the best of times, let alone doing it in a hurry while standing up and sweating.

After the madness of getting there and getting ready, the rest of the day was excellent. The sword arch looked very good, and no-one was injured, even though my poor sword drill meant that I almost cut the man on my right, and almost stabbed the man on my left. A long afternoon and evening at the Sandhurst boathouse was quite lovely, and the dinner and speeches were a perfect end. By this time little V, who refused to sleep, was getting very cranky and tired, so we made our excuses as soon as possible and left at 21h00. V was asleep in her car seat before we even reached the gate.

Sunday was a much more relaxed event, which was good because I was a little tired. My dad's birthday was last week, so we went up to Cambridgeshire and had a quiet family lunch while V played in the garden. She is completely stable on her feet, and can even run a little. She is also the scourge of daisies, which she plucks and gives to people nearby.

Tomorrow, at last, finally, I have the interview for my own job. It's been nearly two years since this reorganisation started. In the last month two members of the team have resigned, and one person from my team has been sent to another team. This has had the bizarrely serendipitous effect that the post most suited to me is a pay grade higher, and I'm the only applicant. Good things come to those who wait?

The weekend ahead is a four-day holiday weekend, including the Jubilee! V has already appropriated on Union flag, so I'll have to get another one to hang in the window. Also this weekend is the third session of my DnD game, where the players have to work out whether Benchi the ratling merchant was kidnapped by Flying Fox and her minions, JiaoBao the Giant, or the Green Sashes - and then rescue him!

* I'm not allowed to wear the ISAF medal - it's not given by the Queen. Any decoration not given by the Queen has to be individually approved, and it's a general policy that NATO and UN medals are not approved.
** Not those Wellington boots, silly!
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