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This is why cross-training is important

I've been cycling madly to work for the last couple of months. It's 22.5km from home to work, so I'm cycling 45km daily - usually 4 days a week, because Monday is Game Night and I don't feel like cycling home at 23h00. Following my reasonable time in the half-marathon, I thought my running time would have improved massively. I'm not running a great deal at the moment, because I am tired from cycling and weekends are usually busy. This last weekend was a three-day bank holiday weekend, though, and I managed to get my "short" run in.

It was appalling. I was a minute over my usual time, and my legs were aching. Cycling two days later was hard work. So, it's pretty obvious that I need to mix up my training a little more.

Speaking of mixing up the training, I'm off to the Brecon Beacons this weekend to hike up Pen-y-fan, the highest mountain in southern Wales and England. This is preparation for the regimental team attempt at the Three Peaks Challenge in July.

Despite having a three-day weekend, I still didn't have a lot of free time. Saturday was an all-day stag do for a fellow officer, with go-karting and bowling (I'm improving at both). Sunday was the second session of my new Pathfinder game, where the players encounter bandits by the score. And Monday was Y's birthday.

I worked from home Tuesday, to allow me the time to fill out the application for my current position. This is a silly exercise.
- "Why are you suited to this job?"
- "Errrr ... because I've been doing it for six years?"

V can now say "bath"! I'm working on "banana" next ...
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