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I frequently think these days that as soon as I finish X, I'll be able to relax a bit, and think ahead. Many many events have I labelled X, and they have passed by with varying degrees of success, but there's always another X looming a few days away on the calendar.

Anyway, last week I ran in the RLC cross-country championships near Abingdon in Oxfordshire. It had been raining the day before, so the course was rather muddy and slippery. The best footing in some parts was going through the calf-deep puddles, because at least the bottom of the puddle was firm. The course was 9.75km, and I came 108th in a field of 220 with a time of 49:56. This is one of the few professional races I've taken part in, but the captain of the regimental running team has me on his list now, and I think I'm already signed up for a half-marathon in March.

We took V swimming on Saturday, and she was a bit sick afterwards. Not good! But she's a hardy little thing and was better by last night.

The work reorganisation continues (I could use this same sentence in every blog post from May 2011 to July 2012). We've reached deadline 1 of Set 1 of Group 1 of Phase 3 (yes, really) and I submitted my application for another position elsewhere in the department, as Information Security officer. My TA work is actually a major contributor here - being very well-versed in information security and working on secure systems, as well as holding security clearance, is quite helpful.

This ties in neatly with my plans to transfer to the TA information security unit. I'm reluctant to transfer for a couple of reasons, though ... I feel loyalty to the unit with so many friends. I'm also going to the US with this unit. And finally, I've been nominated as the team captain for the regimental entry to the Cambrian Patrol this year, and I would dearly love to complete the Cambrian Patrol. So I may delay and delay any change until the end of 2012.
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