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V is walking! She's been standing for a while now, and managing a couple of steps every now and then. Today we were having dinner and watching TV, and she just strolled across the lounge in front of me. Squee!

Of course, the second I had a camera out she went back to crawling. I now have a couple of videos of her chasing me round the flat, crawling not walking. Come on, V, I need some cooperation here!

The videos are added to the vast collection of photos that I will put up at some point. It's a lot of work to filter all those pictures!

This last weekend I was away with the Army. It was a weekend to sweep up the last of the training objectives for the year (training year ends in April). I had to do a couple of the tests on Army standards, and a 6-mile 90-minute march. The other tests - first aid, CBRN, law of armed conflict - I have already done this year, so I was free to take part in other activities. We were at RAF Halton, which is a rather nice RAF training establishment. I spent most of Saturday on climbing walls and high ropes obstacles, or in the swimming pool.

The march was a good final build-up for the RLC Cross-country championships on Wednesday. I'm one of the better runners in the regiment, so I'm in the team pretty much by default. We're running on a fairly muddy course out near Abingdon in Oxfordshire - I'll probably be a little grubby when I finish.

The ridiculous restructuring of work continues. After much wrangling by the union and wibbling by management, it has become pretty clear that (1) management has no idea what they're doing, (2) they're making it up as they go along, and (3) their actual technical understanding of anything beyond MS Office is pretty much non-existent.

So, life continues to careen madly down hill with my little arms waving wildly in the air. But it's fun.
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