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It was bound to happen sooner or later

I'm without a computer at the moment! Well, for a limited definition of "without" - this is me, after all. I still have two desktops at work. At home I have a work laptop, Y's laptop, my Sheevaplug microserver*. I also have my Kindle (with 3G/Wifi and a browser) and my Samsung Wave (with Wifi and a browser).

Still, I'm without a computer, dammit!

My laptop survived Afghanistan without too much incident. It did collect a lot of dust**, however, and this caused the fans to wibble occasionally. Last night the main fan stopped with a grinding noise, and the laptop won't run without it.

My desktop is still out of commission - I ordered new motherboard/CPU/RAM, but apparently I can't read because I ordered a motherboard too big for the two cases I have at home. Unlucky.

So, I've got some work ahead of me to repair both systems.

* Which doesn't have a monitor socket, so it's not really suitable for, eg, web browsing
** And an Afghan National Army sticker and a Radio Char-e-Anjir sticker

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It's very, umm, brown. You look a bit like a chocolate man :P
Indeed, the Army Service Dress is very ... brown. It dates back to the old barrack dress during the heyday of the Empire. Back then brown was a happening colour, I suppose.

One regiment - the King's Royal Hussars - wears the same uniform but with crimson trousers. I'm not sure if that's better or worse.

http://army.mod.uk/armoured/regiments/15749.aspx (scroll down)
Urgh, definitely worse. I think the all-white Navy uniforms are the nicest :)
Also, wow there are lots of corpsesesss! I like the Infantry emblem, simple and to the point :). Also the Gurkhas, very cool.
Personally, I think they've gone downhill since this.
We've diversified a lot from that, though. The old "RED COATS FOR EVERYONE" style was not nearly interesting enough.
Yes, I agree very brown...but the matching shoes and gloves is very tasteful...I approve! Go chocolate man ;-)
Brown and red fashion is such a fashion no, no especially that particular red...it has no backbone...truly horrible...the poor hussars.
All white is very...um...hard to hide in...also dangerous when eating runny eggs on the high seas with no washing facilities, just saying!
I like my men in uniform ninja style...all black fatigues...maybe with a jaunty beret...yes, please!
All black is a bit naff. Only the SAS and posers wear that :) My beret is *always* jaunty, though.

Nice truck.
It's a MAN, baby. Learning to drive a new model is called "familiarization", so this weekend I am sending three of my soldiers for MAN familiarization. Apparently I'm the only one who finds this funny.

"MAN up, soldier!"