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All change!

Quite dramatic changes for me at the moment.

I'm British! I attended my citizenship ceremony this week, and along with nationals from 27 other countries swore allegiance to the Queen. Technically I've already sworn allegiance, with my Army oath, and that's a lot more binding. It includes obedience and following orders from her duly appointed officers.

In civilian work - my department is currently being restructured. In a meeting this morning I found that my team of four is being shrunk to a team of three. To avoid prejudice, we all have to compete for the remaining posts. This is department-wide, and there are plenty of positions available in the broader department, so I won't be completely out of a job ... I'll just be competing against friends and colleagues for the better positions.

When I came back from JOTAC I was spitting with rage at my regiment. I had a good opportunity to talk to various other officers, a couple of incidents happened while I was away, and I received some J2 (intelligence information) from another person in the regiment. Overall this left me really unhappy. Coincidentally I was on the course with someone from a specialist Army unit which is more suited to my skills. Transfer is on the cards. My rage has cooled but my resolution has not.

My new service uniform is finally complete. I have had to go to ridiculous lengths - and some expense - to fully fit the uniform. The uniform itself was issued to me by the Army, and tailored with officer buttons and a medal ribbon (by an Army tailor, after much persuading). I've had to buy shoes, gloves, two caps (one blue, for parades; one brown, for daily wear) each with officer badges and buttons, rank pips, collar badges, extra buttons and a Sam Browne belt. My medal is currently being mounted on the proper medal clip. I will look fantastic at the Lord Mayors parade on Saturday and Remembrance parade on Sunday.
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