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We've been traipsing up and down the hills of Wiltshire to examine the ground with a general's eye (well, a lieutenant's eye; the British Army is in no shape to guarantee anyone reaching general these days). Lines and circles on a map are hard to relate to actual hills and forests and towns, and it's a skill that I'm gradually developing.

This has been accompanied by lots and lots of lectures on everything military, from how to get soldiers qualified (answer: it's hard and costs lots of money) to what the British military is up to these days (answer: mostly classified, even to me).

It's the last couple of days now. Yesterday we had a six-hour exam, on planning a complete company-level (100 troops) attack. Today we went through each persons plans. My excellent use of deception ("we steal a truck, and stage a road traffic accident here") earned me some laughs, but maybe not the highest marks.

S and I have been running almost every night. The hills here are lovely to look at, and great fun to run down, but each downhill run is preceded by a slog up, so the fun is hard-earned.

I messed up an admin point for the upcoming Lord Mayors parade, and have received multiple SMS/texts and emails shouting at me. This is contributing to my slightly downcast mood.

Tomorrow night is the final dinner, in mess dress. It will look pretty spectacular! I will try to get a photo of my class.
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