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Braaaaains ...

Y and V went to a baby play class the other day, where V homed in with grim determination on ALL THE TOYS and methodically played with each and every one. She's prettier than all the other babies, too. (Takes break to look at pictures of Victoria)

Aaanyway, I'm seething with annoyance on multiple fronts. It would be seething with rage but I'm all raged out.

Work is being reorganised. Our Glorious Leader (who is a PHB of note who doesn't actually know anything about computers) is running a consultant-assisted reorganisation of the entire IT department, which is (1) badly planned, (2) badly run, (3) badly communicated, and (4) stupid. This is leading to a lot of angry discussion and not a lot of work happening. We happen to be part of UCU - the University and College Union - so there's even the possibility of union action.

While packing last night (I'm off for a couple of weeks) a mouse ran across the living room. The landlord doesn't want to pay for pest extermination, and apparently the lease* backs him up on that. Y and I have been fighting with the landlord and agent all morning and we have booked pest control. Who will pay remains to be determined.

Apple are also being dicks in the way they are suing Samsung, but I'm not going to be able to afford a Galaxy tab for while anyway.

So tonight I'm heading off to Salisbury Plain for a three week course - Junior Officer Tactical Awareness Course. It's a fun course, mostly indoors, with very little shouting and all the outdoor stuff done in civvie hiking gear. It would be an absolute pleasure except for the fact that I have to write a confirmatory MK1 exam first thing tomorrow morning. It will be great once that's done.
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