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Two answers

The questions I had on Friday night were, "Where am I going on my exchange visit with the US National Guard?" and "What time will I achieve on my first half-marathon?"

Answer 1: Wisconsin! starmadeshadow, I'm not sure how far Fort McCoy is from your university ... maybe I'll have a chance to drop by. Funnily enough, I'm not working with native Wisconsinites - I'm attached to a unit from Texas. They'll be travelling pretty far to get to Wisconsin as well. The Olympics are off, for me - I've been told I can either guard a car-park in East London for a month, or go and shoot guns with Texans in Wisconsin for a fortnight. Hmmm.

Answer 2: 1:39! I achieved a time of one hour, thirty-nine minutes for my first half-marathon, and I am very pleased. The adjutant of my regiment, who is training for the London marathon, only came in two minutes ahead of me. I have one large and two small blisters on my aching feet, and my dehydration headache has only just faded, but I'm feeling fine. I have never actually run that far (21km) in one go before, and I was cruising until about 1:10, when I started to cramp up and I could feel that I didn't have much energy left. I tried to sprint in the last 200m, but ended up doing some sort of bouncing hobble as my calf muscles cramped up on every step.

I don't think I'll be cycling to work tomorrow.
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