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It was bound to happen sooner or later

I'm without a computer at the moment! Well, for a limited definition of "without" - this is me, after all. I still have two desktops at work. At home I have a work laptop, Y's laptop, my Sheevaplug microserver*. I also have my Kindle (with 3G/Wifi and a browser) and my Samsung Wave (with Wifi and a browser).

Still, I'm without a computer, dammit!

My laptop survived Afghanistan without too much incident. It did collect a lot of dust**, however, and this caused the fans to wibble occasionally. Last night the main fan stopped with a grinding noise, and the laptop won't run without it.

My desktop is still out of commission - I ordered new motherboard/CPU/RAM, but apparently I can't read because I ordered a motherboard too big for the two cases I have at home. Unlucky.

So, I've got some work ahead of me to repair both systems.

* Which doesn't have a monitor socket, so it's not really suitable for, eg, web browsing
** And an Afghan National Army sticker and a Radio Char-e-Anjir sticker

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